March 21, 2013
Forms of Content Marketing for Business Growth

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In the world of online businesses, the most competitive and powerful form of marketing is content marketing. Content does not only help business portray their strength and expertise to the targeted audience but at the same time, it allows audience to become fans and engage with the brands.

Content is a creative side of marketing that allows businesses to smartly educate and encourage targeted audience about the specific product or service that a business has to offer. However, many businesses and marketers think that writing 500 to 700 words of content is the only way they can attract their targeted audience and get better search engine rankings.

There are multiple types of content, a business can use in order to market them as well as engage their fans and audience. I will try to discuss different form of marketing that one should use in order to expand more and to gather likeminded people under one umbrella.

1.Case Studies

This is one of the most inspiring ways to get noticed by targeted audience and convince them to try product or service you offer. Case Studies actually minimize the level of questions and doubts that people has in mind because by case studies they can see how a person get advantage from the same service/product that the company is offering.

It is great if you can provide some sources from where targeted audience can verify your case studies because transparency will easily allow your fans to convert in to loyal customers.

2.Comics and Memes

Login to your facebook account and check, your timeline most probably you will find as many comics and memes shared by your friends on facebook. Memes and comics are highly shareable and this is why businesses use it to promote their product or service to the wider audience and increase their fan base.

You might not see hype in traffic and activity from the first comic or meme but using this on continuous basis will defiantly drive some extra traffic to your side.


Anything that allows audience to participate and compete against each other usually works and as a result level of engagement increases largely. Competitions allow targeted audience to better understand your produce/service you offer and at the same time their participation will not only allow them to convert but also share the word with their circles.

It is important for a competition to design keeping the targeted audience in mind or else you might not see what you have expected from the campaign.

4.Crowdsourced Content

Crowdsourced content is actually tapping in to the vein of writers who are given a topic to write about and then choose the best articles among all. This is great in the sense that you get the chance to look in to multiple perspective and choose the one you like the best.

There are ways you can use this idea to get the attention of the targeted audience and convert the targeted audience in to fans. And then leads.

One of the best ideas is to bring all content forward (this can be anything), on the table and allow your targeted audience to decide which one is best. This will give them a sense of authority to your audience and they will automatically convert in to loyal fans that will help your market to the new audience from the word of mouth.

5.Games and Apps

This is the most famous form of content where Big and mid size businesses are investing in order to increase their authority and build trust to the wider audience. The idea is to launch a game or a mobile app that come in to the daily use of your targeted audience so that they can use that app for free.

This investment will not only allow your audience to stick to your brand but also recommend your brand to others which give you more authority as a brand and business leads that will help you grow.


Content is not limited to writing articles, contests and apps but it is far more than that. Gift is also a powerful form of content that will allow your audience to stick with the brand and follow it religiously.

Offer gifts to your loyal audience on occasions like Christmas, brands anniversary or even you can offer personalized gifts on birthdays and this will kill the distance between audience and brand and people will not only follow them as loyal fans but also speak about you to increase your audience by speaking about you and your brand.


This is another common form of content that can allow brands to tremendously increase the word of mouth and sales of the product/service you offer. The guide should be based on the pain points of the industry or should answer the question they have in mind.

This will allow audience to not only read and download the guides but share and discuss about this on different community forums and blogs which will allow tons of new traffic and links to point back to the website.


This is the powerful form of content that most people don’t really care about. The reason why images are powerful because it can easily get crawled by Google and can be shown in Google images against a certain keywords.

It is recommended to use high quality optimized images so that people can easily share the images with others and at the same time Google images can find the images and crawl it accordingly.


Similar to Images, Infographics are the pack if information displayed in a graphical format so that people from the similar interest not only find the information easily but also share it with their audience just by coping and pasting the code available below the infographics (in most cases).

Infographics at one end allow most difficult information to present in a graphical format which is easy and fun to grasp by the targeted audience and at the same time this will encourage audience to share the information with their circles to spread information and help business to introduce with the new audience.


This is one of the most powerful forms of content that will allow your targeted audience to trust you and follow you and your brand as a fan. The idea is to create some intelligent questions and survey within your industry about hot topics and then make it live for free. SEOmoz is the living example of it who does the SEO industry survey every year and put it live for people to use it.

This will not only help targeted audience to find data from your entity but this helps set your image as an expert and then you can easily sell the product/service you offer.

Discussed above are some of the most powerful form of content that can allow targeted audience to gather around your brand and then convert in to fans and customers but there are few ingredients that a brand should have in order to enjoy the benefits of content marketing that includes a level of transparency, a kick ass product/service and more or else they might not be able to stick the audience around their brand in the longer run.

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Lalit Sharma is a digital marketer from India who works for “Ranking by SEO“. A company that offers high quality link building services to its clients.

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